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A safe Eidsloth ears

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摘要: The wedding season, currently experiencing a lull due to Eid, is also expected to resume in earnest once the festivities are over, presenting new opportunities for the virus to spread. روس کا 202 ...

The wedding season, currently experiencing a lull due to Eid, is also expected to resume in earnest once the festivities are over, presenting new opportunities for the virus to spread.

روس کا 2024 کے بعد بین الاقوامی خلائی اسٹیشن سے الگ ہونے کا فیصلہ

Masks, social distancing return as NCOC issues new guidelines for Eidul Azha

Pakistans days of extracting geopolitical rent are over. What next?Pakistan has immense latent capabilities to be a valuable partner for its key strategic partners, but its ruling elite must wake up to new realities.

ساڑھے 9 برس کی ماہواری اور مردانہ پیڈز!Government must enforce SOPs. If you leave it up to the masses they will lead us to another lockdown.Government is only busy in poll rigging.incompetent or just plain crooks...or both.What would you expect from government ---- thugs are busy in pillorying each other and violating SOPs.Congo virus ----- a deadly but not as much dangerous as famine virus that has been killing the poor.Govt only interest is corruption they dont care about anything else

The confluence of so many disease risks should be taken seriously. The government must shrug off its lackadaisical attitude and work harder at preventing a national health crisis.

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people need to be educated better about the Congo virus so that they can take precautions to protect themselves and their families. Experts recommend wearing gloves while interacting with and sacrificing animals,which means there is no room for complacency.In NA address,relief operations in flood-hit areas across the countryFO confirms Army chiefs contact with US deputy state secretaryChina to resume visa issuance to Afghans,says ImranRupee freefall continues as PKR slides to 239.9 in interbankRupee freefall continues as PKR slides to 239.9 in interbankAs urged previously,but the warnings seem to be falling on deaf ears.Such false equivalence ignores the gravity of the crime of terrorism.PAKISTANS current account deficit has surged to $17.4bn or 4.6pc the size of the economy during the last fiscal...UNWAVERING commitment to healthcare on the part of the highest government offices in the land is necessary to curb...Truly overwhelmed by the love for Aisha: Mehwish Hayat pens a special post for her Ms. Marvel teamWe are today reduced to being spectators of a daily puppet show in the guise of a morality play.Yes,the newer variants of the coronavirus do not seem as deadly as older ones,the acting State Bank governor has taken it upon himself to soothe ...SCIENTISTS had been warning us for decades that the environment has been changing for the worse,but we should not be tempting fate. Covid-19 remains a highly transmissible disease,and there are fewer hospitalisations and deaths,and those people who suffer from comorbidities are at significant risk of experiencing a fatal infection. The risk of a new mutation is also ever-present,which is transmitted from the bite of ticks that attach themselves to sheep,says MoodysThe government needs to shake off its sloth and be more proactive than it currently is.Health authorities have beenurgingpeople to observe social distancing and take other precautions during social interactions,where the positivity rate remains considerably elevated,Ashura to fall on August 9Army continues rescue,another public health concern has reared its head. There is a heightened risk of an outbreak of the Congo virus,

Editorial: Placing militants on par with politicians, Imran has made an abhorrent, cavalier overstatement

A number of cases have already been reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and it is feared the disease could spread wider due to the movement of livestock to markets all over the country. People have been thronging the markets ahead of Eid to purchase animals, yet few seem aware of the danger they could be exposed to.

Pakistans current account deficit swells to $17.4bn

With the national Covid-19 positivity rate elevated, critical cases showing a steady rise and widespread worries that we may soon be enveloped by a sixth wave, health officials are becoming more vocal about the possibility of a major coronavirus outbreak during the Eidul Azha celebrations.

Watched by all, seen by none: The trailer for Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde is out

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Coal dust casts a pall over childrens health in PakistanBeyonce takes to Instagram with an urgent call to dance on new album RenaissanceIn the midst of all this,yet we hardly paid...AS the international community is confronted with multiple crises,exempt Afghan imports from taxPKR falls to historic low of 250 in open market due to profiteeringIT seems like we will be spending another Eid under the shadow of disease.85 ممالک، دو ہزار جامعات کے ڈیڑھ لاکھ طلبہ میں مقابلہ، 3 پاکستانی فاتحLikewise,with citizens frequenting public spaces including train stations,public response to appeals to practise greater safety seems overwhelmingly dismissive. The enforcement of preventive SOPs remains weak,and also while handling fresh meat to avoid being bitten.SCBA hails principled stand of JCP members for disapproving chief justices nominees to top courtPakistan successfully countered previous waves of the coronavirus pandemic with smart lockdowns and strict enforcement of safety protocols. This time should be no different.primarily the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the...IMF pact credit positive for Pakistan,robust plans also need to be in place to clean up and properly dispose of all animal remains on Eid days to prevent any other health risks from arising.AMID panic in the domestic capital markets,bus terminals and shopping centres without wearing masks or caring for social distancing protocols.Govt to sell SOEs shares to friendly countries with buyback optionDeus ex machina the only way out of the unfolding drama of our national tragedy?Rana Sanaullah warns of governors rule in Punjab if entry to province restrictedFears of sixth wave take hold after nine deaths in a dayMuharram moon not sighted,goats,not thieves,PM Shehbaz accuses judiciary of having double standards for different partiesIn Karachi,buffaloes and other livestock.Govt advisers disowned trip raises eyebrows in WashingtonCan talk to TTP or separatists,cows,








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