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poker tournament malaysiapoker zoomZoom PStrategy - The Essential Guide [2022]

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摘要: I am a winning low-stakes Zoom player at pokerstars (7.02 bb/100 @ over 300,000 hands). While much of what you say is true, the biggest thing to do is play LAG. A devastating tool against nits. By com ...

I am a winning low-stakes Zoom player at pokerstars (7.02 bb/100 @ over 300,000 hands). While much of what you say is true, the biggest thing to do is play LAG. A devastating tool against nits.

By comparison, at a regular table you would only have to wait a couple of orbits, or about 20 hands, in order to get information on these two stats.

Zoom Poker Strategy - The Essential Guide [2022]

Player types:Nit, TAG, TAGfish etc. If you dont know what these mean, check outthis article of mine.

However the simple fact is, that a Zoom table play significantly tougher than the similar stake regular tables with for instance much less open limping going on. Sure there are ways, you can still beat tables, where people play to tight. But you are not going to see anywhere near the winrate, which you can on a table, where someone is playing 70% of their hands.

To begin with, how do you actually play Zoom poker?

Here is another excellent example of a spot where we can exploit the weaker regs in Zoom games. We do this by flatting with a wider range preflop and then taking away the pot after the flop.

Now with all of that said though, it is important to remember that there is a big difference between yourwinrateand your overallwinnings.

If it is in the mid 20s or higher, then you dont want to be bluffing them. This type of player calls too much.

Also, the other thing about Zoom is that you are given less time to act compared to a regular table. And all Nits know this.

While we lack information on our opponents it is important to remember that it goes both ways. They probably dont know much about us either.

I also talk about this in a brand new video by the way, if you prefer.

If you play regularly then you will build up some reasonable sample sizes on the regs. However, this will still take way longer than at the regular poker tables.

2. Being a Chameleon Can Be Very Profitable

And this whole trade winrate for volume idea, which Zoom advocates talk about, completely ignore the influence of rake. If you are running a somewhat LAG style, you are paying around 6 BB / 100 in rake at full ring micro stakes tables and even more at 6-max. So unless you are a huge winner, a small drop in your actual winrate will mean a huge drop in your after rake winrate or even turn you into a losing player.

You can find this out very quickly on your HUD by comparing their Flop CBet% to their Turn CBet%.

Cool man, I heard PP was full of bots and regs these days, tough field by all accounts. Glad youre out of micros, you deserve it after the kind of volume you used to put in, Im still not sure how you managed that. I know you played some higher stakes during that time also, but grinding out volume at micros these days is tough with such poor rb, slightly tougher fields etc, better off out of it. Im not on Instagram but Ill keep a look out for you.

Being a professional poker player is kind of like being an astronaut or a rock star to most people. It is such an out of this world idea t...

The fast fold button allows people to throw away hand after hand at lightning pace until they get something that they think is playable. They do not have to wait for the entire hand to be played out like at a traditional poker table.

You need to start getting the reads you need to pull big bluffs, on not only the weak players, but also the good ones.

Anyway, things are going decently at the tables (16-17bbs/100 - meh sample) so it might be educational to some of your audience. If I ever get more than one viewer who drops in for longer than 20 seconds, Ill recommend your site.








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