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EU agrees to ban most Russian oil importTC8slots

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摘要: BRUSSELS: European Union (EU) leaders yesterday backed a ban on most Russian oil imports, after a co
BRUSSELS: European Union (EU) leaders yesterday backed a ban on most Russian oil imports, after a compromise deal with Hungary to punish Moscow for the war in Ukraine. Michel said the TC8slot package also involved disconnecting Russia's biggest bank Sberbank from the global Swift system, banning three state broadcasters and blacklisting individuals blamed for war crimes. – AFP The head of the EU's executive, Ursula von der Leyen, said the move “will effectively cut around 90% of oil imports from Russia to the EU by the end of the year” as Germany and Poland had committed to renounce deliveries via a pipeline to their territory. ADVERTISEMENT The 27-nation bl TC8vip oc has spent weeks haggling over a proposed total embargo on Russian oil but came up against stubborn resistance from Hungarian pr TC8casino emier Viktor Orban. “Agreement to ban export of Russian oil to the EU. This immediately covers more than two-thirds of oil imports from Russia, cutting a huge source of financing for its war machine,” European Council chief Charles Michel tweeted during the summit. EU leaders meeting in Brussels hatched a compromise deal to exempt deliveries by pipeline from the ban, after Budapest warned halting supplies would wreck its economy. Despite the gap in the embargo left by Hungary's opposition, the latest round of sanctions represents some of the most damaging measures taken by the EU so far. The wrangling over the sixth package of sanctions has rocked European unity in the face of the Kremlin's attack on Ukraine after five waves of unprecedented economic punishment on Russia. “Maximum pressure on Russia to end the war.”








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