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摘要: Controls for viewing/moving the camera around are almost identical to Minecraft. WASD will move you forward/backward and strafe left/right. The space bar key will allow you to move vertically while th ...

Controls for viewing/moving the camera around are almost identical to Minecraft. WASD will move you forward/backward and strafe left/right. The space bar key will allow you to move vertically while the z key moves you down. You can also sprint or double your speed by holding down the shift key.The camera view can be rotated by clicking and dragging the left mouse button around the screen. You can also right click to lock the cursor which allows you to free view around without having to hold the mouse down. To exit cursor lock mode simply right click again, or hit the escape key.

- Controls, movement, hit detection and other features make it feel more like youre comfortably ingame instead of a technical editor.

The tree brush is a tool that allows you to place serveral different varieties of trees wherever you click. Several settings are the to allow changing the leaf and wood material along with the type of tree and overall size. Some random variation is added into most trees to decrease how many duplicates are produced.

You can open the block picker window three ways, by pressing the b key, by double clicking the action bar, or by clicking a material input in any tool panel.

The custom generator, allow you to specify your own custom scripting logic to control how and what the generator creates. You can specify the height, width and length of the area to generate when running.You can use the small text area for the script or use the checkbox to enable and open the custom script window which allows saving custom scripts and a much larger editing area.


Blocks and tools can be dragged around the action bar to swtich positions, or dropped into the main view area to remove them completely.


The erode brush tool is a editing deformation tool that is typically used to clean-up or smooth terrain editing operations leftover from other tools. You can control the area to be smoothed along with the number of open faces required to clear a certain block.

The custom filter, like the custom brush and generator tools allow you to specify your own custom scripting logic to control how and what the filter does.You can use the small text area for the script or use the checkbox to enable and open the custom script window which allows saving custom scripts and a much larger editing area.

The fill brush tool works like the erode till but in an opposite fashion. It will place or fill in gaps between blocks and enlarge edges. The size and number of faces needed to fill in can be set to allow greater variety in strength and finish.

The selection tool will allow you to copy the currently selected area to the clipboard to be used with the paste brush tool.

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The vine brush is a special tool dedicated to helping the user place vines in an easy to use way. You can specify the density of the vine placement, an alternate vine block to use, or whether or not vines should be placed on any side wall or just those of edges, meaning no blocks beneath the wall.

You can use the mouse scroll on almost all number input boxes for tools to increase or decrease the given values.

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The block brush tool is the standard tool used when placing a single block, it will be automatically selected when using any block from the action bar, and only has a single block material input. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Minecraft or Mojang, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The official Minecraft website can be found at The name Minecraft as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of Mojang.

Windows will snap when moved or resized near the edge of another window or panel, this can be disabled by holding the Alt key.

- Able to load and save the popular schematic file format, along with several other commonly used ones including nbt structures, b02 and more.

Brush tools allow you to edit the current world with differing brush interactions. In order to use them you must select a brush tool in the menu, then set the parameters to what you like, then double click or drag the tool icon to the action bar, where it can be used with left and right click interactions within the world.

The overlay brush tool is another tools used primarily in terrain editing. It allows you to specify and set several layers of blocks that will overlay or replace whatever area is clicked. Up to three different layer materials and layer depths may be spcified, along with the ability to restrict the changes to natural blocks only.

The information contained on this website, Service), is for general information purposes only. We assume no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the Service. In no event shall we be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tort, arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service or the contents of the Service. We reserve the right to make additions, deletions, or modification to the contents on the Service at any time without prior notice.

Parameter DefinitionsText DepthThe number of blocks the 3D text depth should be.Edge InsetThe number of blocks the edge should be indented in.Font SizeThe size of the font to use in text creation.FontThe type of font face to use for text creation.Main BlockThe type of block the main part of the text should be.Outline BlockThe type of block the outline part of text should be.

The main window view can be toggled to maximize and revert by double clicking on the top toolbar.

Windows can be minimized by double clicking the top title bar.

The bump brush is an editing tool that deforms the surface of whatever is clicked, it is typically used in terraforming type operations. An overall size and strength controls how big an area and how much deformation occurs, positive values raise the surface, while negative lowers.

The flood brush tool is a very useful when replacing areas of the same block type. The size parameter controls the max distance the flood can spread, while the gap parameter controls how close the blocks of the same type need to be in order to continue the flood. The flood starts with the initial clicked block and will continue to spread and replace the blocks till it hits a limit.

The fill tool does exactly as its name implies, and fills the selection area. The only input other then the selection box is the block to be used in the filling.

The paste brush allows you to place shapes the have been copied to the clipboard.

Parameter DefinitionsWidthThe number of blocks wide the gen area should be.HeightThe max number of blocks tall the gen area should be.DepthThe number of blocks deep the gen area should be.OctavesThis number defines the intensity, or detail strength of the noise.(lower = less intensity; higher = more intensity)FalloffThis controls how fast the terrain can change height. (lower = smoother; Higher = more jagged)CyclesThis controls the overall size or qty of cycles. (lower = more detail or hilly; higher = less detail or smoother)

- The more than 20 different tools allow you to quickly and easily build and edit your Minecraft projects with complete control and accuracy.

The sphere brush tool is a simple filling tool that allows the user to place a sphere of the selected block at the clicked location. You can use the Air block to delete in the same manner.

while others are set based on other parametesrs of the tool.Clicking the filename on the bottom left part of the status bar will allow you to rename or resize the currently open has a basic script area,creator and viewer for Minecraft compatible projects and builds. The list below is just a few of the many options it has to offer.8. Atau mungkin kombinasi penyebab-penyebab terdahulu.The custom brush tool allows you to specify your own control logic when the brush is used. Like the other generator tools,along with the more detailed script editing window that can be toggled with the checkbox.The main difference between the generator tools and the others is that the generator tool always creates a new file when it runs. Some tools have a size setting to use,The grass brush creates an overlay of natural foliage blocks over the current terrain. The density parameter allowss you to specify the overall density of grass and flower blocks to place.Cubical is the most advanced online editor,

The selection tools allows you to modify, create or edit a specific cuboid area. Once a selection tool is active the user may use the left click button to toggle the corners positions of the desired area. Once selected you can run the tool over the current area by clicking the Run button.

- Lots of different options to change how the editor and scenes look and feel, including custom themes, rendering settings and more.







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