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Workshop operators turn five-foot way TC8vipinto storage are

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摘要: Besides using the sheltered five-foot way to conduct repairs, these workshops are also placing items
Besides using the sheltered five-foot way to conduct repairs, these workshops are also placing items such as tyres, car spare parts and cans of engine oil there. A shopkeeper, who declined to be named, complained that water runoff during downpours had washed engine oil into the surrounding drains. Shopper Mohd Syuaib Md Salim, 26, said pedestrians had to walk on the road as many par TC8vip ts of the five-foot way were blocked. Pet shop worker Mohd Akmal Wildan, 25, also brought up the congestion problem, stating that it was making it difficult for suppliers to deliver goods to the shops. A long-time shopkeeper who only gave her name as Chong, 60, said the area also has many abandoned cars. “The lorries usually come twice or thrice a week in the evenings and we pay the contractors RM1 per tyre. The shopkeeper said many workshops had rented the bays in front of their premises from MPAJ. “These bays are meant strictly for customers' parking,” he said, adding that only 25 out 638 bay TC8casino s in the area had been rented out. “It must also ensure that these bays are used strictly for parking and not for carrying out repair works,” he said. “For those operating on private land, they must also obtain consent from nearby residents within a 200m-radius,” he said. “They are allowed to operate from 8am to 7pm, TC8slot daily, while those in industrial areas can run from 8am to 8pm. Its Corporate Communications department director Norfiza Mahfiz said those in commercial areas were limited to replacing tyres and spare parts. Located on the border between AU1 Taman Keramat, Selangor, and Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur, Taman Keramat Permai is where many flock to buy basic necessities and other supplies. Customer Mazilah Baharom, 49, said the five-foot way had become slippery due to spilled engine oil. “Even though the bay was not marked red, I was told it was needed by people waiting to service their cars,” he added. “They have to park and walk farther, carrying heavy items,” he said, adding that double parking was common in the area. “An additional fee of RM360 is imposed annually on premises that want to carry out activities on these bays. “Premises in commercial areas are also not allowed to conduct vehicle painting and body refurbishing activities. Some also complained about the lack of parking bays in the area. Temporary permit Its president Mohd Fauzi Mohd Yatim said the items must not cause obstruction, while also stressing that any repair activities on the five-foot way were prohibited. Petty trader Eva Ulan Sari, 25, who lives in a nearby shophouse, said the obstructions on the footpath weare a nuisance. “They are also required to instal grease traps to capture engine oil and prevent it from entering public drains,” she added. “Compounds will be issued to operators who fail to comply with the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133) for obstruction. “If I am carrying heavy groceries, I have to be careful not to bump into the items placed there. It is also inconvenient for the disabled,” she said. Owner of another workshop Lim Sing Lai, 56, said it was impractical to place all their wares inside the premises during operation hours. Differing regulations “We put them outside temporarily as there is not enough space inside,” he said, adding that he ensured all items were stored properly after business hours. “These centres must also obtain the council's approval to appoint a contractor for the disposal of solid waste. Its Corporate Planning and Public Relations Unit head Kamarul Izlan Sulaiman said the placing of wares on the five-foot way was also prohibited. “Only those in industrial areas can offer such services, which require a prior approval from the council. Kajang Municipal Council said all premises in commercial areas must not place vehicles under repair on parking bays. She said after these vehicles were sent for repairs, their owners did not claim them as they could not afford the repair costs. “This might impact our business in the long run,” said home accessories shopworker A. Liew, 42, adding that traffic congestion was also a daily issue. A check by StarMetro found several bays were painted red, which means they are reserved for certain premises. BUSINESS owners and residents are upset that vehicle-repair workshops at the Taman Keramat Permai commercial area are occupying the five-foot way. “MPAJ personnel told us we can place our items outside the premises, provided they are arranged properly,” he said. c MPAJ, in a statement to StarMetro, said premises' operators could place their wares on the five-foot way, but must apply for a temporary permit. “MPAJ should tow away these cars, as they are taking up space,” she added. Responding to concerns about limited parking space, Mohd Fauzi said no service or repair activities were allowed at the reserved bays. “Use of the public five-foot way for any types of activities and building permanent structures such as ramps are prohibited. “The premises in industrial areas must carry out fumigation once a week, in addition to taking public liability insurance. The placing of wares on the five-foot way by workshops and service centres is also prohibited, he added. StarMetro asked other councils in Selangor about their regulations for the operations of vehicle-repair workshops and service centres. “Only premises in industrial areas are allowed to perform major repairs and services such as painting. Its Corporate Department deputy director Ahmad Fauzi Ishak said regular shoplots were required to rent two bays while corner ones must rent three. “The Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) should issue compounds to errant premises' operators and confiscate their wares for causing obstruction,” he added. “As a result, the drains become clogged, emitting a stench. This raises cleanliness and health concerns,” said the 65-year-old.Parking woes Klang Municipal Council said the types of activities allowed depend on the status of the land where the workshops are operating on. The lack of parking can also deter shoppers from coming to the area. Vehicle workshop supervisor Tan Ken Hoe, 36, told StarMetro that some workshops put used tyres outside for pick up by the solid waste collectors. Selayang Municipal Council requires all operators of such premises in commercial areas to rent the parking bays in front of their premises. Mazlan Kamis, 31, who came to buy lunch, said he was once asked to move his car after parking in front of a workshop. “Licences of such errant operators will also be terminated under the Trade, Business and Industrial Licensing By-Law (MPAJ) 2007,” he said. “These premises can place their wares on the five-foot way but need permission to do so,” he said. “The council should limit the number of bays it rents out to ensure there is enough parking space for everyone.







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