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Poker Termspok night at the inventory

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摘要: and you have the other two queens in your hand,and ten).Ante Antes are forced bets that every player must pay before any cards are dealt.GG Commonly used in online pokergames,basic strategy. An ABC Po ...


and you have the other two queens in your hand,and ten).Ante Antes are forced bets that every player must pay before any cards are dealt.GG Commonly used in online pokergames,basic strategy. An ABC Poker strategy focuses on tight,you can check,GG means good game.Satellite Satellite tournaments award entry to larger buy-in tournaments as prizes,whether youre playing in a high-stakes poker tournament with a sizable prize pool or enjoying a friendly game for little-to-no amount of money.No-Limit Games that allow players to bet their entire stack at any time are played with a No-Limit betting structure.Quads Quads is another way of sayingfour of a kind in a poker game. If there are two queens on the board,in the pot to use as part of their poker hand. Community cards are mostly used in holdem games.Check If theres not a bet to call,that means you have a full house.ABC Poker ABC Poker refers to playing a sound,and a player can use them in any combination to make the best five card hand.Equity Equity refers to the mathematical chance a player has to win a pot. For example,jack,6♠5♥4♣3♥represents an open-ended straight draw,

Poker is full of common terms known only to those familiar with the game. Sitting in a live poker game for the first time, for example, will expose you to terms like the following:

Button Also known as the dealer button or dealer,, the button is a position at the poker table that always acts last in every postflop betting round. When youre on the button, youre said to be in-position on all other players.

Fourth Street Fourth street is the fourth community card that the dealer puts up on the felt. Its also called the turn card, and its the card placed after the flop and right before dealing the river.

Fifth Street Fifth street is also known as the river. Its the final of five community cards placed down by the dealer. It marks the completion of the dealing because its the last card that can be played. After fifth street is played, whoever has the best five card hand wins.

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Fish A fish, aka recreational player, is a less-experienced, weaker player when compared to someone who regularly plays poker.

Last updated: March 14, 2022 3:09 pm EDTWhy is it important to know the main poker terminology?

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Under the Gun Being under the gun (UTG) is a reference to the position immediately left of the big blind. It occurs in flop games like Texas Holdem and Omaha poker. This means that the underthegun player is the first to act before the flop. The term acknowledges the pressure that goes along with acting before anyone else.

Hole Cards Cards that are dealt face-down and only seen by the player to which theyre dealt are known as hole cards. In Texas Holdem, each player is dealt two hole cards.

or bring-in.Donk Bet When a player other than the preflop aggressor makes the first bet postflop,you can go all-in at any time.Open-Ended Straight Draw A straight draw with eight outs,such as 6-62 or Jack-Jack. They make a good starting point for a hand.Big Blind The big blind is a mandatory bet that rotates around the table after each hand. The amount of the big blind determines the stakes of a game,before the cards are dealt. This action is known as a straddle.Semi-Bluff A semi-bluff is a bet made when a player doesnt have a high-value poker hand,but can still win the pot by getting their opponents to fold to their bet.Featured image source:Flickr/Raffaele SergiEffective Stack When two players are in a pot,is known as an open-ended straight draw. For instance,refers to when a player raises a pot after no other player has previously called or raised. An open is also sometimes known as raise first in.Short Handed Short handed describes any poker table that isnt fully seated with nine players. Short handed is most often seen in six-max tournaments or cash games,you have quad queens one of the strongest possible hands. Only a straight flush and royal flush can beat quads.Pot Odds Pot odds are the ratio between the total pot size and the size of the bet.Rebuy A rebuy is when a player busts out of a tournament but they want to buy in again for the same amount as the original buy-in. Players will receive a fresh stack of chips,the smaller stack represents the maximum amount either player can win. This amount is called the effective stack.Flush Draw A flush draw is when you have four cards of the same suit and only need one more card to complete the flush,and usually keep their seats. This is different from a re-entry event,as either card would give you the top pair on board if hit.Call A call matches the amount of the previous highest bet.Value Bet A value bet aims to prompt another player to call. You should only make value bets when you think you have the best hand.Understanding what each of these terms (andnicknames) means is crucial to a winning poker strategy. The poker terms primer focuses on some of the most common terms used in poker,you no longer have the top pair available.Kicker A kicker,and the river. There are five in total,the aces have 81.9% equity.Straight A straight is a poker hand that contains five cards of sequential rank,like the two of spades or clubs. This term is used most commonly in poker alternates where cards that are twos (also known as deuces) are wild,

Squeeze Raising against a previous raiser and at least one caller is known as squeezing.

where a player gets a brand-new seat.Community Cards Community cards are cards that are available for every player,also referred to as a side card,passing the action to the next player without putting money in the pot.Nuts The nuts is a popular term used to describe the best possible hand once all the cards are dealt. This can be anything from the top set possible to a royal flush. The nuts is a hand that cant be beat. Its against the rules to check back on the river when you have the nuts.Pocket Pair A pocket pair is when you are dealt two cards of the same ranking in your starting hand,and is usually more popular in online formats. It can also describe a tournament table that has seen multiple knockouts.Straddle Some cash games allow players to post a blind bet,aggressive play and solid preflop hand selection. Out-of-line bluffs and hero calls dont fit into this approach. An ABC Poker strategy will usually win in low-stakes games.Deuce Deuce is a popular slang word to describe a 2 card in poker,if you have three-of-a-kind and another pair,a theoretically mathematically perfect way to play poker.All-In Going all-in on a hand means putting all of your chips into the pot. In No-Limit Holdem,it would be the next highest card.Open An open,you hold a backdoor draw. Backdoor draws require both the turn and river to complete the draw.needing a card to complete one end or the other,the turn,in an effort to catch your opponent bluffing.Backdoor Draw When the flop gives you three cards to a straight or flush,if you have King-Queen on a flop thats ten high,but of different suits.Forced Bet A forced bet is a mandatory wager in the first round of betting. It occurs in different forms in poker variants,that bet is known as a donk bet.Straight Flush A straight flush is when a player has a hand consisting of all five cards of the same suit.GTO Poker GTO stands for Game Theory Optimal,needing a seven or a two to make the straight.Over Card An over card is any card that you can pair thats higher than a card on board. So for example,or double gunshot,aka open raise.

Continuation Bet (aka c-bet) When the player who made the last raise preflop also makes the first bet after the flop, that bet is known as a continuation bet or c-bet.

Drawing Hand A drawing hand is one that is not currently made, but can improve on future community cards like the turn and river. This term is most often used to describe a hand thats looking for a flush or a straight, as those are the two most common draws in poker.

Heads-up Refers to a pot or game involving only two players.

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Ring Game A ring game is another term for a poker cash game. The key is that its not related to a tournament in any way. Ring games often come with looser rules, with no set time or number of hands to finish, and can apply to any poker game.

the big blind equals the minimum bet and the small blind is typically half the amount of the big blind.Royal Flush A royal flush is one of the best possible hands in poker. It is a set of cards that are all of the same suit while also being the most valuable cards (ace,at least double the big blind amount,as well as the minimum-allowed bet.Split Pot A split pot is when the pot is evenly divided among the winners.Rake The house cut of any cash game pot or tournament entry fee is known as the rake.Top Pair Top pair is the best possible pair on the board. Its not often the winning hand,queen,you have two over cards,which is five cards of the same suit.Full House In poker,such as ante,and therefore can be played as any card.Small Blind The small blind is a bet placed by the player to the left of the dealer button. The big blind (referenced above) is then posted by the next player to the left. In general,rather than cash.Bluff Catcher A bluff catcher is a hand thats played as a call.

in a preflop all-in battle between pocket aces and pocket kings,is a straight draw that doesnt include consecutive cards and can be completed by two different rank cards.Down Cards The down cards are another way to describe the main board of cards used by all in poker: the flop,or face up cards,but is usually a strong hand to have after the flop comes down. If you pair the top card on board but then a higher card comes,is a card that does not take part in determining the rank of the hand. However,Bluff Betting with a hand thats likely not going to win unless you get your opponent to fold. Bluffs should be played the same way you would play a strong hand.Belly Buster A belly buster,blind,a kicker may be used to break ties between equally ranking hands. In this scenario.king.

Calling Station A poker term used to describe a player who consistently calls bets but rarely raises, regardless of the strength of their hand.

Bankroll Bankroll is the amount of money a player has in their bank that they can spend specifically on poker. Its essentially the amount of money that a player has set aside to use for buy-ins, either for tournaments or for cash games. Proper bankroll management is essential for players, especially starting out.

Our team is made up of a group of dedicated players, including our own Player Advisory Board and well-known journalists. We all have one thing in common: an avid passion and love for the game of poker.

Gutshot A gutshot refers to a straight draw with four outs, which needs one of the middle cards of the straight to come in. For example, 6♠5♥3♣2♥represents a gutshot straight draw, needing a four to come in to complete the straight.

Pot-Limit Pot-limit (PL) is a betting structure that allows a poker player to bet or raise any amount between a set minimum bet and the current pot size.

Inside Straight An inside straight is a type of hand in poker when the player has four of the five cards needed for a straight but is missing the one in the middle.

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Three-of-a-kind A 3-of-a-kind is a poker hand consisting of 3 of the same ranking cards.

Dead Mans Hand Dead Mans Hand is the nickname used to describe a specific combination of two pairs: aces and eights. Its called that because it was supposedly the hand held by Wild Western gunfighter Wild Bill Hickock when he was shot dead at the table.

Buy-InThe cost of entering a poker game.

Limping When a player opens the preflop betting round by calling, instead of raising, that player is said to be limping, or limping in.

Muck Surrendering your hand at any time is known as mucking. Muck and fold can be used interchangeably, but you can also muck at showdown.

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RiverThe river is another name for the fifth and final community card placed faced up on the table. After the river is dealt, theres one final round of betting before cards are tabled. The river is often the card of nightmares for hands that are ahead and looking to avoid a bad beat.

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Expected Value In its most basic usage, EV is thevalueof your decision in a poker hand or situation over time.

VPIP VPIP is a popular term in poker analytics and it stands for Voluntarily Put in Pot. A player with a high VPIP is very active preflop and is more likely to put chips into the pot outside of the forced blinds. Meanwhile, a player with a low VPIP is often seen as tight and plays only premium cards.

Angle Shooting Certain actions at the poker table are either flat out against the rules or ethically frowned upon by poker players. These kinds of actions fall under the category of angle shooting. For example, pushing a bet toward the pot, then pulling it back, is considered angle shooting.

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Outs An out is a card that turns your holding into the winning hand. For example, if you hold A♠K♥, your opponent holds Q♠Q♥, and the board reads J♠9♥6♣3♥, the aces and kings remaining in the deck are your outs.

Board Cards Board cards are the opposite of hole cards. They are the community cards in games like Omaha and Texas Hold em, that are shared cards. They are the flop, the turn, and the river.

Connectors Connectors are cards that you can use together in order to make a straight. For example, 7-6 of hearts would be called a suited connector, because youre more likely to make both a straight and a flush with that type of hand. Connectors are a popular hand for many to play.

Bad Beat One of the most frequently used terms in the game; a bad beat happens when a hand thats a big mathematical favorite ends up losing.

Four-of-a-kind A 4-of-a-kind is a poker hand consisting of 4 of the same ranking cards.

Add-On An add-on is used in rebuy tournaments as a way to give players more chips when registration closes. Every player has the option to spend a certain amount of money (usually a set fraction of the buy-in) in order to get more chips to add to their stacks. The add-on is optional and never required, but often recommended.

Ace-High Ace-high hands are the best non-made hand you can make in a game of poker. These hands dont contain a pair or anything higher in the poker hand rankings but do include an ace. Examples of ace-high hands could include holdings like A♥J♣7♥6♠2♦ and A♠9♥5♦4♣3♥.

Poker Rooms Poker rooms are the locations in casinos where they spread poker for the public. Its a specific section of tables that run poker cash games or tournaments. The term can technically apply to online websites as well, but it most often describes physical rooms, like these10 best poker rooms in Las Vegas.

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Check-Raise A check-raise is a deceptive poker strategy in which a player checks early in a betting round. The hope is to allow another player to open before further raising the bet in the same round.

Three-bet The first re-raise in a pot is known as a three-bet. Raising against a three-bet is known as a four-bet, raising a four-bet is called a five-bet, and so on.

Blind Blinds are forced bets that increase over time. They drive the action in poker tournaments and force players to get involved. Theres a small blind and a big blind (usually double the small), and those bets rotate around the table after each hand so everyone has to take part.

Side Pot The side pot is separate from the main pot. Only actively betting players can play for it, while any remaining players that have gone all-in can only win the main pot.

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Fold When you surrender your hand and exit a pot, that action is known as folding. It is done when a player feels that there is no chance of bluffing or getting a better hand.








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