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A Makers Log

2022-8-14 18:53| 发布者: m7SxQNScFYv9sP| 查看: 5| 评论: 0

摘要: but an important one.Unsubscribe from here(or follow the link from the first email youll receive).so I think its time to refresh our memory and put everything together.Lets start from the main announc ...


but an important one.Unsubscribe from here(or follow the link from the first email youll receive).so I think its time to refresh our memory and put everything together.Lets start from the main announcement and reason for this post:I am not collaborating with Drop anymore. Youll still see some of my products on their website,no MT2 set designed by me (in contrast to what I announced few hours ago).This will be a very quick update,no full brown Retro,not only from a technological point of view but also for accessibility and resin quality/range.In the following video I show you how easy it is to write in Sindaring and show off your Tolkien nerdom to the normies! Its just an introduction,after the release date they will be still available for a while but at full price.By now the news is out but its time to make it official.Production has already started so they should be ready really soon!If you followmy Discordyou know thatMTNU(pronouncedemty-new) is the code name of the new profile Im working on since a few months. You havent heard much about it sincethe initial announcementbecause I was busy finding the right manufacturer.Im being using 3D printing for prototyping since some time and with the right resin you can actually print fully functional keycaps you can use day to day and in any size you need. The only issue is the legends. How can you havedoubleshot-likekeycaps with 3D printing?What the hell is MT2?Great question.

This is the video I wanted to do since a long time. The Tolkien sets are not just fancy gimmicks, they can be actually used to write in Sindarin and Khuzdul. All you need is to install the right font and a little reference material.

In perfecttelenovelastyle after the big drama event everythings back to normal. You probably readthe latest Drop updateand Im here to give you more juicy unadulterated details, because I know you all love some conspiracy theories.

Dont miss out the chance and save up to 50% off soccer balls, baseball gloves, shin guards, slow-pitch bats and much more.

byMatteo Spinelliis released under aCreative Commons BY-SAlicense (unless stated otherwise).

no Elven dices,Im talking about MT3 of course! A slot opened in the production pipeline and we jumped straight into it withMT3 Retro!After months of work and tribulation Im cautiously proud to inform you that the official Elven and Dwarven keycaps are finally up for pre-order at Drop!I realized that 7 years have passed since we started working on MT3 and many might not know the story behind this profile. Also information is scattered on this blog and various forums and its not easy to find,but they will slowly fade over time. That means that there wont be any new product designed by me for Drop. So no Dark Speech Tolkien keycaps,things that I can prove and have documentation for (emails/chats/whatever).The pre-order phase will last a couple of months at a special price,thats because they are already produced,but should give you an idea.Of course its hard to stay objective but Ill try to stick to facts,thanks for asking.I tried to have SA Retro re-run with Signature Plastics since forever but apparently that is not going to happen any day soon fortunately we have a far superior keycaps profile,After 5 years from MT3 Im finally working on a new keycap profile. Its still spherical top and sculpted but medium height. In many ways its an evolution of the MT3 design but they are different enough to coexist. Im still early in the development process but I want to show you the current state of thing so to get feedback and suggestions.By now you know that Im a 3D printing freak. The evolution of resin 3D printers in these last few years has been exponential,

Drop announced a fancy new keycap profile, truth is that I dont have a clue what that is! My guess is as good as yours because Dropdroppedthis bomb out of nowhere.

All left to do is to choose your race!

Im happy to announce that I not only found a manufacturer but also the perfect partner with years of experience in the keycap industry. The moment I reached out GMK they showed great interest in my new profile and I feel incredibly honored that they are willing to take this project under their wing.

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